August Updates (1.12)

Shady posted Aug 22, 17

I'm happy to announce that we are finally fully 1.12 with our new Spawn and multiple features added. Bare in mind that it's currently in 'Beta' stage and there'll be continual fixes & additions throughout the next couple of weeks.

1.12 Server ChangeLog

- Removed Guilds.
- Updated ViaVersion on the server to support 1.12.1.
- Added Pets (Temporarily available for everyone, will eventually be Vassal+ with per mob based permission).
- Added new Spawn.
- Tutorial Room added, with Info NPCs and block based ranking.
- ChestShop fixed.
- Lockette replaced with LockettePro due to compatibility issues.
- Replaced MobCatching plugin with a more consistent, organized plugin.
- Added new Market.
- Enabled Death messages, hover over the item used to kill another player to view information on it.
- Added new Admin Shop system, now NPC based.
- Enchanting has been reverted to 1.9 style, taking away the listed amount of XP from your balance.
- Added Duels plugin with 1v1 Arena in Spawn.
- Updated CraftBook and several bugs have been fixed.
- Brand new MobArena set up. (Credits to Ougi).
- Balanced out some Jobs.

Pre-1.12 Server ChangeLog

- Disabled Towny Jail for all users to prevent abuse.
- Discord rules updated.
- ClearLagg shows messages once again.
- CombatTag duration lower to 15 seconds.
- Rules Revision thread updated with explainations on each rule.
- There is now a /vote command.
- Patched splash potions, readded the ability to brew them.
- Assistants can now use proper commands in Towns.
- CoreProtect inspector is now available to everyone, as originally intended.


- Revise donor kits and update year old website information.
- Distribute Pet permissions to Vassal and Donor Ranks.
- Add NPC Brewery Shop.
- Add NPC Fishing Shop on the S.S. Exodus.
- Add NPC Food Market.
- Distribute Disguise permissions to Donor Ranks.
- More Jobs balancing.
- Any other creative features originally planned or forgotten.
- Many more bug fixes.

We've also revised our staff team. Welcome Cat_The_Ninja, Evonpire and LordShenjiNahara to the team, and congratulations to HolyWars, Mandres and BestChimp on their promotions. We're currently recruiting, but not looking for much more.

But not to forget, here are the top Voters of July.

In 1st place is  Crevel with 138 votes, winning a $50 shop Coupon, 32 Crates
and Top Voter status.

In 2nd place is Troodon_Master with 131 votes, winning a $25 shop Coupon, 24 Crates
and Top Voter status.

In 3rd place is kidfisher26 with 86 votes, winning a $10 Shop Coupon 16 Crates
and Top Voter status.

In 4th place is gr8_dane with 85 votes, winning 5000 Website Points and 12 Crates.

In 5th place is jcats1172 66 votes, winning 2500 Website Points and 8 Crates.

Please keep in mind if you want to use your coupon to purchase multiple packages, be sure to add them all into the same cart in one transaction. And that all coupons expire after 30 days.

Voting contests are now being held officially every month, so it should go without being said when posting results from now on.

Phew, that was a lot to go through. Didn't even get all of it. But here, have a long cheeseburger.

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