December Updates

HolyWars tag posted Dec 6, 17

Hello Everyone,

As many of you know Christmas is just around the corner. To celebrate Christmas the server spawn has been changed to a snowy theme to help settle in for the feeling of Christmas. Furthermore, don’t forget to check out the store, there is a sale for 25% off!

The project we’ve been working on as mentioned in last month’s post has had a progress in the creation of it. More information about this project will be disclosed soon when we have made more progress.

Furthermore, a new market will be added, this should be opening over the next few weeks.

We should be releasing vampires this month, as many of you have already ask about when will this plugin be added. I’m sure a lot of you already know how the plugin works when becoming a vampire, for those who don’t, there will be a small chance to get infected by this disease through close hand to hand combat with a vampire, or you can use a dark shrine which will be in the server somewhere. If you want to be cured of the disease once you are infected, before you turn into a full-fledged vampire, you can use Holy water on yourself or visit a light shrine which will cure of you the vampirism. If you want more information on vampires, you can just ask our staff in-game or message us on discord.

Between the staff team we have been looking up mini games or events for players to enjoy playing, hopefully when the project is under a faster progression we can start work on mini games or events, if you have any ideas that are possible for mini games please be sure to contact a member of staff or post in the forums as server suggestion.


Top Voters of November.

In 1st place is LordShenjiNahara, winning a $50 shop Coupon, 32 Crates and Top Voter status.

In 2nd place is contario1, winning a $25 shop Coupon, 24 Crates and Top Voter status.

In 3rd place is commanderstick, winning a $10 shop Coupon, 16 Crates and Top Voter status.

In 4th place is spettermark, winning 5000 Website Points and 12 Crates.

In 5th place is Elektra35, winning 2500 Website Points and 8 Crates.

Please keep in mind if you want to use your coupon to purchase multiple packages, be sure to add them all into the same cart in one transaction. And that all coupons expire after 30 days.


Changes has been made to our staff team. Congratulations to Dralgrod on his Promotion to Head-Mod. We’ve also added two more helpers, consisting of Waxton and MattVemon_. Currently not looking for anymore staff members at the present time.

We wish you all Happy Holidays!


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