November Updates

HolyWars tag posted Nov 19, 17

Hey everyone,

There have not been many updates nor changes made to the server, however we plan to and are currently in the works of adding more features to the server as promised, such as the vampire plugin. Another addition we plan to change is the classes, adding a leveling system creating more of a challenege for players to earn more items and money in game.

Futhermore, we've been working on a project that will be a major addition to MCSurvival. More information about this project will be disclosed in the near future. Thank you to Coopilus for the contributions he has made towards this project.

There has been talk on the server about a server wide reset. As Wesley has stipulated several times in the pass, we have no intentions of resetting the server; but with that being said, the future updates wil lbe handled in a manner where the new Minecraft additions are applied to current maps or new world versions are added. 

We've also been in development for a new website platform, where we'll be moving away from Enjin to a more viable forum choice. If all goes according to schedule, the new website will be up by the end of December. With this addition, becoming Citizen will be as simple as typing a command in-game. It also means the server will be accessible through the regular website domain, as well as our current IP address, Check out the preview of the website here!

Top Voters of October.

In 1st place is contario1 with 147 votes, winning a $50 shop Coupon, 32 Crates
and Top Voter status.

In 2nd place is johnbrine with 141 votes, winning a $25 shop Coupon, 24 Crates
and Top Voter status.

In 3rd place is commanderstick with 96 votes, winning a $10 Shop Coupon 16 Crates
and Top Voter status.

In 4th place is gamefreak2321 with 75 votes, winning 5000 Website Points and 12 Crates.

In 5th place is spettermark 68 votes, winning 2500 Website Points and 8 Crates.

Please keep in mind if you want to use your coupon to purchase multiple packages, be sure to add them all into the same cart in one transaction. And that all coupons expire after 30 days.

There have been many changes with our staff team. Welcome JohnEdward01 to the team and congratulations to megninj and Dralgrod on their promotions to Moderator. Furthermore congratulations on the promotions of Mandres and Holywars to Operator, where they will be taking on more administrative duties.

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also thank you dean for doing this for me because I was too tired -wes

felldownstairs X I know what the big project addition thing is ;)