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    Here is a current list of server conditions and rules, in which the thread will be updated detailing each rule to prevent confusion.

    [!] If you have any problems, concerns, or need help, ask a staff member or post on our forums
    [!] Raiding is legal server wide, lock your chests with signs (lockette)!
    [!] Griefing is only permitted if the owner of the property is banned and offline for 30+ days, both can be checked with /seen and /co i.

    [+] No griefing in both wilderness and towny claimed zones.
    Destroying other people's property without their permission, excluding taking items from chests, crops (if replanted), and melons (if stems are not broken).

    [+] No spamming.
    Sending continual identical or similar messages frequently (at least 4 times in a row). This also includes writing extremely long gibberish messages, and spamming commands that are visible to other players.

    [+] No vulgar language.
    No profanity or sexual innuendos in global, donor, or emperor chat. (Private messages or chat channels are fine as long as it's with no intent to offend or provoke other players; in other words, casual conversation with such context is allowed).

    [+] No hateful speech.
    Attacking a person or group on the basis of attributes such as race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, or gender.

    [+] No safezoning.
    Killing players while they are in a no PvP zone with items such as lava.

    [+] No innapropriate usernames or skins.
    No skins that are sexually related (nudity), contain any kind of offensive language, pertain to subject matter of extremely controversial ideologies, or mock religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or gender.

    [+] No using x-ray resourcepacks, mods, or hacks.
    Using any kind of mod, resourcepack or hack that allows you to see through blocks or to specifically find one kind of block.

    [+] No advertising other servers or their websites.
    No sharing numeric or domain IPs to other servers or their websites. Advertising the server's features then proceeding to telling people to add you on Skype, Discord or any other form of communication to share the address is also taken into account under this rule.

    [+] No abusing dupes, glitches or permissions.
    Intentionally using a bug on the server either client or server side for your own advantage. If you happen to come across such, we highly suggest you to report it to a staff member and no punishment will be given. (As long you didn't intentionally or extensively use the abuse in advance).

    [+] No threatening players.
    This means no threatening players outside the game, such as death threats, DDoS threats, sharing personal information, etc. "I'm gonna grief your house" would not be considered under this rule.

    [+] No evading bans on alternate accounts.
    Simply put, don't use another account when banned to access the server. And do not use alternate IPs to avoid IP bans.

    [+] No disrespecting.
    Showing lack of respect or courtesy towards other players in an antagonizing manor.

    [+] No using unfair mods or hack clients.
    No modded minecraft versions that give an unfair advantage on the server, a list of allowed mods can be viewed here.

    [+] No claiming over other people's builds.
    Using Towny to claim over other players builds, without their consent. If the third condition listed above is applicable, then it is allowed.

    [+] No killing staff members on duty.
    Killing a staff member while they are trying to assist another player or yourself, as long as their presence is necessary. (Such as grief, checking glitches, etc).

    [+] No posting innapropriate links.
    Posting any links that go against any rules above & including, but not limited to: pornography, extremely controversial ideologies (nazism), any explicit videos or images of people or animals being violated and anything along the lines of such.

    If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment below and I'll take them into account.
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    why did you steal this from me
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    Neat. Rules are nice. Very nice. Much lawful.

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